Dialed Web Design $500 Scholarship 

The Dialed Web Design Scholarship

Instructions and entry form

Glad you found the Dialed Web Design college scholarship application.  The winner will receive a five hundred dollar scholarship from Dialed Web Design.  As a bonus the next scholarship will be named after the winner in the amount of a thousand dollars.  For the essay, the only thing you have to do is come up with your best and brightest ideas for our next scholarship.

How can I think of the best scholarship idea?

What is the most creative, positive, inspiring, educational and/or crazy scholarship you can come up with?

How could we inspire positive change with the energy of a college scholarship application by a brilliant student?

How could we inspire students to listen to music, help their community or just do an act of kindness by using the power of a scholarship application requirement?

An awesome example would be:

Having students arrive on a landing page for a scholarship sponsored by a band.  The students then listen to the bands music and write a review of how they like the music and the idea of a band sponsoring a scholarship.  This could attract students from all over the world to listen to the bands music and review it.  We want to create out of the box ideas like this, to create content from scholarship applications.

You can write as much as you want about your idea, just make sure your spelling and grammar are correct.  The entries will be judged on how much people like it, your positive influence, how viral your idea becomes on the blog, quality of content and real world usability.

After you enter the scholarship you can opt-in to our scholarship newsletter that shows scholarship entries, new scholarships and helpful info to help you land that big scholarship you have always wanted!

Scholarship sponsor reserves the right to deny any application.  Terms and agreements do apply.

Dialed Web Design College Scholarship

Any undergraduate or Graduate study

Two-year college
Four-year college

School must be accredited


Academic achievement
  • Minimum 3.0 GPA.
  • Winners notified 30 days after scholarship deadline.